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Outreach Notes

  • All Saints Anglican Church is looking for a couple of volunteers on Monday afternoons from 1-3. One person needs to be able to lift trays of dishes into the dishwasher. Other duties will include helping to serve and socializing. If interested please call Lynda Trono, community minister at West Broadway, Phone: 204-779-5402​, Email:
  • WBCM requires food especially protein foods such as canned meat, fish, beans, peanut butter, and Nutella as well as canned milk, fruits and vegetables, cereal and baby food, small packages of spaghetti (1 lb.) and sauce, meal supplements such as Boost and Ensure, juice boxes, coffee and tea, small portions of sugar and coffee whitener. Their emergency food bank requires smaller containers as they need to be carried home. Items that do not require other ingredients and those that do not require a can opener are appreciated.



Disciple Bible Study


Begins Aug 27 - a few spots are still available.