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2012 Ask: 37K @ Campaign Collection

UCiM, at its Annual Meeting on February 26/12, made some exciting decision to meet the commitments we have made to grow our ministry. One of the realities of those choices is the financial component. As we work through 6 weeks of stories that highlight – through quick snapshots – aspects of our ministry, we pray you will consider helping us meet the goals we have collectively set over the last several years. Welcome to the 2012 Ask: 37k @ Campaign!

Teaser (Mar 11/12)

Week 1: Introduction (Mar 18/12)

Week 1: Story #1 (Mar 18/12)

A woman stands looking @ UCiM’s brochures.
When asked if she needs help, she looks up with a tear in her eye.
As she holds the Radically Welcoming brochure, from the Affirm Small Group,
she says “this is wonderful,”
& asks for more. A conversation then unfolds …

Week 2: Story #2 (Mar 25/12)

A family, with little church experience,
loses a young man in a car accident.
in devastation & loss they find UCiM.
Ggrief, anger, doubts & questions are shared.
The young man’s life is celebrated @ UCiM.
Tthe Sacred is present as loss is given voice in worship

Week 3: Story #3

Newcomers to St. Vital are looking for a place to call home
where they can worship God,
hear about Jesus’ ministry & where their children can be welcomed.
Facebook is the doorway
& the face-face hospitality is why they continue to worship

Week 4: Story #4

A person walks into UCiM seeking the Holy.
Worship draws & family accompanies.
Seeking some way to give back,
UCiM’s connexion with West Broadway Community Ministry is discovered.
Now this person worships & lives out the Good News in our midst

Week 5: Story #5

A child enters UCiM’s’s sanctuary shy, weary and worried.
Smiles greet and nurture.
As time proceeds, as patience and care are extended,
this wee one grows, matures and awakens.
From child to adult, still in our midst,
music is returned & is gift indeed!

Week 6: Story #6

With UCiM’s nurture, a young adult experiences faith as action.
Into our larger United Church of Canada denomination,
leadership is offered within many levels:
Presbytery, Conference & National.
Emboldened, into the world an adult treads!

Giving Suggestions

Increase PAR: $35.00/month
Increase Monthly Giving: $35.00/month
Lump Sum: $300.00
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