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(Blog) From the Pews: Tobogganing in Faith

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There are so many things about the winter that will make me stop and look around in wonder; beautiful falling snow, the magic of snowflakes, no two ever alike and hoarfrost on the trees.  Looking at all these things will often make me think about the beauty of the world we live in, and the gifts we have been given by God.

Last year, one fine winter morning, my husband and I decided to take our kids tobogganing.  My three boys are still pretty young, so this was the first time we had all done this together as a family and my first time since I was a little kid.  When we got to the hill at King’s Park, I looked down and was shocked to find that what I had remembered as being a super fun thing to do when I was a child, was now a bit terrifying.  I wasn’t so sure about this tobogganing thing anymore. But, as we were there already and the kids were so excited, I got myself on the sled, took a deep breath and zoomed down the hill.  As we slid down the hill, completely out of control, barely missing other sleds and kids climbing back up, I was still terrified!   We made it to the bottom safe and sound, just like all the others at the hill that day.  It was so much fun, we did it again and again, though the fear I felt at the beginning never went away entirely.

It occurs to me now that my feelings towards faith are a little like that ride down the hill.  I had to just let go and let it happen, trusting that I would make it safely down the hill.  The feeling of not being in control is kind of like giving it up to God. I don’t always have to have all the answers or know what will happen, God does.  Having Faith in the unknown can be pretty scary at times, knowing that there is something out there that is bigger than all of us can be a frightening thing, but it can also turn out to be a pretty fantastic experience. I have a very hard time giving up control, but to really believe and have faith, you have to let go, and know that no matter what happens, God will be with you wherever you are and whatever you are doing.  So it is a scary thing, but also a crazy, amazing feeling.

To truly live faithfully can be a difficult thing.  No one ever said it would be easy!  There have been many times over the years that I have felt scared, sad or lonely and have spent a lot of time questioning God’s plan, but to be faithful, I have had to give up the questions and just believe.  Just knowing that God is there, helps me when I am standing at the top of the hill, trying to decide if I should go zooming down, and the answer, terrifying thought it might be, is always Yes!

Stacey Milne-Ciecko

I am a stay at home mom of 3 busy boys.
Reading is my favorite hobby, and reading with my kids is the best part of my day.
I spend most of my days just a little bit frazzled, but always try to keep smiling!

From the Pews blog


  1. I love this explanation of faith. So many times we try to complicate our belief of faith. You have made it easy to understand and aply to my life. Thanks Stacey

  2. This blog is beautiful as well. I am so incredibly proud of you…for being a wonderful writer as well as brave enough to share your heart. I love you.

  3. What a brilliant analogy, Stacey. It’s a superb illustration. Thank you for sharing it.
    I can tell you that my husband and I whistled down that slope many times over more than seven years, on a very rickety toboggan, when he was battling leukaemia. But there was always ‘someone’ to meet us at the bottom. Mind you, there were the odd tumbles but, for the most part, we were able to dust ourselves off and carry on.

    A few years ago, I came across a statement which struck a chord with me. I have it written in the front of my Voices United hymn book as a constant reminder of the mysterious power of God’s love …

    “Trust in your faith
    and know that,
    because of it,
    you will receive answers
    to your prayers.” Susan Hickman Sater, The Language of Prayer

    You have a lovely writing style; I’m looking forward to more. Thank you Stacey.

    Valerie Wilson

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