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(Blog) UCiM-isms: June 18-22/12 Collection

Right Relations:
Claim our past role;
Acknowledge territory in which we live;
Live into Treaty as Covenant;
See equity as path to equality

Violence rings: a fearful tale spun.
Keep low, hide & monsters pass.
Throw open shutters, unfurl blinds.
Stranger met is yourself disguised

Contextually plural, faithfully grounded.
Journeying from upper to lower case ‘t.’
It is in the differences that God’s mosaic is revealed

In our world of brokenness & hurt,
may we endeavour to be as a fox to kit;
queen to brood;
father to babe;
gardener to shoot,
to each other

Power & Privilege.
Humility & Ego.
The soul’s difficult dance through a human journey.
One dance leads to compassion, the other to greed

UCiM-isms blog

UCiM has been tweeting for a while now. During that time, part of our online ministry has been to tweet a prayer, thought, reflection, challenge or something in-between. So we got to thinking, perhaps we could offer that as a blog resource for both our family of faith and those just checking us out! Pop in each week as we share the previous week’s UCiM-isms!


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