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Red River Co-op Card Fundraiser

UCiM has introduced a new and exciting fundraiser that has the potential to raise several thousands of dollars for the church and at no cost to you the congregants.  How is this possible, you ask?

The Red River Co-op offers membership to individuals purchasing their gas.  At the end of the year, Red River Co-op pays a dividend to their members based on their profits and, of course, the amount of gas each member purchased over the year.  Last year, the members received a payment of .12 cents per litre.

So, we as a church have purchased a membership and have printed gas cards for our members and family to take and use should they desire to do so.  The reward can be significant.  For example, if we issued 100 cards and they were used once a month with an average purchase of just 40 litres, the church would have the potential to receive a rebate cheque of $5,760 for the year.  Members of the church, who already have a card, know this can happen and maybe they would consider using our membership card even once a month.  So, there you have it, a fundraiser that does not cost you any money.

Our membership number is 353552 and cards are available at the church office for anyone to pick up or you may just quote the number to the cashier at the Red River Co-op gas outlet. As well, a digital copy of the card can be found below. Red River Co-op offers full-service when you purchase your gas there.

Your participation in this venture is greatly appreciated. For more ways to contribute and support your ministry, please see the Donate page.


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