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(Blog) UCiM-isms: July 24-28/12 Collection

Lambasting from soapbox convinces none & heads pass downward looking.
A hand offered freely nurtures one path where choice is planted

Deep trust dwells within.
Artificial garments of distrust are heavy upon shoulders slumped.
In Grace, help reveal what awaits to surface

Use words as gentle gifts:
What we want to say & how we actually say it
does not necessarily mean what people hear is what you had hoped

Visions & dreams can seduce or inspire, distract or clarify.
Any mirage remains intangible potential until apathy transforms into action

Divisions between leisure & work, play & productivity
mirror separation of body & soul, private & public.
Strive to integrate & be whole!

UCiM-isms blog

UCiM has been tweeting for a while now. During that time, part of our online ministry has been to tweet a prayer, thought, reflection, challenge or something in-between. So we got to thinking, perhaps we could offer that as a blog resource for both our family of faith and those just checking us out! Pop in each week as we share the previous week’s UCiM-isms!


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