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(Blog) UCiM-isms: Nov 13-17/12 Collection

Tears fall silently when vulnerability overwhelms the masks which we wear.
In such moments the choice to sit, without judgement, is a gift

What if you realise that our illusions obscure the truth beyond the veil?
What if you awoke & discern you are the painter, not the painting?

The intention of our self-fulfilling stories determines how each day unfolds.
With gratitude or envy, our degree of fulfilment is determined

Fear, doubt, & anxiety: natural emotional responses when we lack control.
How we react depends on whether or not we realise we have choice

Time moves from A -> B & ends @ C.
Stories connect Then to Tomorrow making Now rich with relevance.
From whence do you view your journey?

UCiM-isms blog

UCiM has been tweeting for a while now. During that time, part of our online ministry has been to tweet a prayer, thought, reflection, challenge or something in-between. So we got to thinking, perhaps we could offer that as a blog resource for both our family of faith and those just checking us out! Pop in each week as we share the previous week’s UCiM-isms!


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