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(Blog) UCiM-isms: Dec 4-8/12 Collection

Nirvana, Heaven, Zion, Shangra-La.
Regardless of external truth,
without internalising the intent & being it in action it will never be realised

You cannot be Love & Hate @ the same moment.
Neither Greed & Selflessness, nor Rage & Serenity.
What you can be is which you want to be

Embrace wonder as you do a deeply drawn breath.
Let it nourish you, embolden you, encourage you.
With eyes wide open, be curiosity!

It is not the outer display that brings about change,
it is the inner grounding in which ego sits lightly upon serenity

“I want ‘justice!”
“No, I want ‘gōngdào!”
“I want còir!”
Pause …
how do we avoid getting stuck @ the word when we want the same thing?

UCiM-isms blog

UCiM has been tweeting for a while now. During that time, part of our online ministry has been to tweet a prayer, thought, reflection, challenge or something in-between. So we got to thinking, perhaps we could offer that as a blog resource for both our family of faith and those just checking us out! Pop in each week as we share the previous week’s UCiM-isms!


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