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(Blog) UCiM-isms: Jan 22-26/13 Collection

Failure is equated with a mistake.
A mistake is projected as personal reflection.
Consider: failure is a gift & allows you to see wonder

Synthetic or natural happiness can be found in a external or an internal choice.
Our state of joy begins in the now, how do you get there?

For deception to create the illusion of honesty, a lie must be grounded in relationship.
To be Truth requires one first to know the Self

Male & Female become gendered.
Culture dictates man and woman.
Roles & boundaries prescribed.
When you shine, of what will you let go?

In the grip of cold,
on days painted bright by a prairie sun drenched in a robin blue sky,
may warmth be shared abundantly w/o reservation!

UCiM-isms blog

UCiM has been tweeting for a while now. During that time, part of our online ministry has been to tweet a prayer, thought, reflection, challenge or something in-between. So we got to thinking, perhaps we could offer that as a blog resource for both our family of faith and those just checking us out! Pop in each week as we share the previous week’s UCiM-isms!


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