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The Dark Side of Chocolate

The Outreach Group and Talking Teens invite you to watch the documentary, The Dark Side of Chocolate, and to consider this as one way to live into the One Month Challenge, which was recently shared on UCiM’s website. Consider consuming only Fair Trade coffee, tea and chocolate for a month.  To inspire you, stay after church on Sunday, February 10th to watch the 46 minute documentary. Soup and buns will be served.

The Dark Side of Chocolate is a 2010 documentary film
about the exploitation and slavetrading of African children to harvest chocolate
still occurring nearly ten years after the cocoa industry pledged to end it!


  1. Hey wow, look up some of the earliest fair trade chocolate by the original owners who were temperence christians and saw chocolate as a healthier alternative to alcohol, and chastity no abstinence but to treat people without exploitation. Rowntree, fry,s cocoa, cadbury, tuke, terry,s chocolates were all part of this before nastie, sorry nestlie bought them and “improved the bottom line” .

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