Bev Hindle finds great community

Untitled1Ha Na Park interviewed Bev Hindle about how our faith community has made an impact on her life and spirituality.

Bev believes the most important work that she has done at The United Church in Meadowood was to start the community garden small group. She leads the small group that takes care of the four gardens, supporting West Broadway Community Ministry and two St Vital community groups with lovingly-grown vegetables.

Why do you give your time and money to the church?

“My time and money? I’ve always felt that I have so much, compared to other people in the world. So I have to give my time and money. There is just no other choice that makes sense.

“I guess if the church wasn’t here,
I am not sure if I would be quite
the same person as I am now.”

Please tell us how our faith community has sustained and changed your life.
Why do you choose to come and stay in this community?
Can you remember any message that really sparked your interest or helped you?

“You’ve asked why I stay. For one thing, I feel a sense of responsibility to the garden. We started small groups in 2010. I can’t remember how the idea came up, but I knew that we should do something with our big yard (laugh). There was only one other person and I who expressed interest after the idea was put forward. The other person didn’t want to be the leader, and two were not enough to make a small group.

I felt strong enough about it, and found more people and recruited enough to qualify for the small group. Recruiting others for this new idea and being the leader are pretty far outside my comfort zone. (laugh). … But I am really inspired by the others who with me have made this happen. I have made new friends with some very good people in our congregation, and I feel that it is probably the best work I have ever done for the community.

View more details about the Garden Group at this link.

“There Are Many Ways to Give” was the theme of our 2015 Stewardship Campaign and Rev Ha Na Park interviewed four congregants.

“I hope that the 4 interviews will not only raise congregational awareness of the importance of stewardship (the giving of time, money and gifts), but will also inform Church members and adherents of the breadth of ministry and mission activities within the Church. Seemingly ordinary activities can make a big difference in the lives of both ourselves and others.”

1Bev Hindle shared her reflections on how our faith community has made an impact on her life and spirituality.

2Stacey Milne-Ciecko talked about how our faith community has been a place for learning, spiritual growth and discipleship.

3Erica Young tells us that the thing she is most grateful for about being a part of The United Church in Meadowood is ‘relationships.

4Joy Bissoon, who has been with UCiM since its early beginnings, shares that she is extremely grateful to our ministers and the congregation for their prayers, care and concern which she has received during the past six months of facing a serious health concern.

And the People Said

I have been lifted up by the prayers of our ministers and members and have been sustained by the goodwill of countless individuals and their families.

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