Bless This Mess

October 5/15 |
by Rev Ha Na Park

If you happen to find this book, Bless this Mess & Other Prayers, which was written by Jo Carr & Imogene Sorley, 45 years ago (Wow!), and you read it page upon page, you will soon love this book, it is, I would say, a little treasure to keep. I have found the Foreward in the book to be quite interesting and inspiring:

“Bless this mess. This Monday house – this cluttered mind – this unintentionally haphazard life – this confused and confusing world. We who are housewives do not have the right to sit down and wallow in the mess we’re in. We have instead an imperative to think with lucidity. And to act with integrity. And this can only be done in prayer. This book is a collection of prayers – unorthodox, perhaps, but the honest outreach of an apprentice.

Lord, bless this mess.”

The first prayer in the book has no title with it, yet I know that it is for you if you need a good Monday Spirit to get up and go! (After all, it’s Monday, today, … as I am writing this column!)


bless this mess.

Bless this Monday house –

breakfast dishes in the sink,

beds still unmade,

clutter of sandwich makings on the cabinet,

living room awry.

Bless this mess, and me, as I proceed to tackle it.

Lord, bless this mess.

Bless this Monday mind –

cluttered and cobwebby,

catch-all for outgrown opinions and ill-fitting prejudices,

its mental compartments not yet straightened out,

thought patterns that could do with a good airing.

Bless this mess and me, as I proceed to tackle it.

A Monday house isn’t as bad as a Monday mind.

The house can wait.

But there are some thinking things that I need to attend to now.

I wish it could be done with mop and broom –

Those are tools I understand.

But thinking is hard, uncomfortable, unfamiliar.

And thinking is the only cleaning agent for a Monday mind.

Ah, so. Lord, bless this day.

The mop and broom I can handle.

I need thy help with the cleansing of my mind.


Questions to Ponder:

A person in the prayer says, “but thinking is hard, uncomfortable, unfamiliar.”

What do you think? What are some thinking things for you to attend to, today?



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