Megan Dufrat Recital

Our consummate pianist will play a Masters Recital at the University of Manitoba.  All are welcome to attend!

So, what in God’s name was the point?

  April 15/17 | by Rev Gordon Taylor Easter vigil is the Saturday before the day of resurrection.  Spiritually speaking, it is a day to go even slower than usual, to let the truths we have heard  … percolate … steep … soak in. The T.R.C. home webpage declares: Indian Residential Schools date back to the1870’s. Read more…

Day of Extreme Suffering

  April 14/17 | by Rev Gordon Taylor On this 39th day of Lent … the Friday we call Good … when we ponder deliberate and painful treatment of the vulnerable by those with power, we remember … (Note within TRC:  In instances where Survivors spoke of individuals who have been convicted of abuse, those Read more…

Attempting Suicide – Where Failure is Success

  April 13/17 | by Rev Gordon Taylor I recently heard someone say (in a podcast about Syria and Russia and the USA) that “you don’t dialogue with a friend.”  With friends, you go for a meal or a drink and visit. You have a conversation. You talk.  “Dialogue” is what you do in relationships Read more…

Not Suitable for All Readers

  April 12/17 | by Rev Gordon Taylor What follows are some very painful stories of students victimizing other students.  These reports are not suitable for all ages of readers. However, these narratives from survivors are part of the truth of what the Canadian residential school system allowed and generated. Reconciliation cannot progress without understanding Read more…

Not the Running Children Prefer

  April 11/17 | by Rev Gordon Taylor The energy of children is legendary.  I have heard it said that Olympic decathletes cannot replicate the activity of 5 year-olds for more than half a day; they run out of energy by noon! Having experienced residential schools, many of those children ran away. It’s not the running Read more…

Holy Week Faces the Un-Holy

  April 10/17 | by Rev Gordon Taylor Holy Week is about facing what is hard to face. This week, the truths excerpted from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Report for our meditation are hard to face. I pray we do not look away for this week we look into the realities of evil Read more…

The Move to Innocence – Aren’t we All Métis?

  April 8/17 | by Rev Gordon Taylor As I have been reading for this series of reflections, I discovered “Métis” is a lot more complicated than I thought.  And I discovered that I had not thought about “Métis” much, other than attending Festival de Voyageur in wintertime Winnipeg, and thinking it meant a hybridization of cultures, Read more…

It’s Off To Work We Go

  April 7/17 | by Rev Gordon Taylor What do we expect a childhood should look like?  What do we want our children and grand-children to experience at school?  Let’s pause for a moment and develop a mental image of the minimum standard we expect.  How do our expectations compare with the experience of labour Read more…

All Smoke and Feathers?

  April 6/17 | by Rev Gordon Taylor What is there to learn about Indigenous cultures?  WE know all WE need to know about Indigenous people.  Right?  WE can get along fine with the amount of understanding WE have.  Right?  It is Indigenous people who have to learn about mainstream Settler culture. Right? Uh,  …no. Read more…

And the People Said

I always feel that my church is my second home and that the Church Family is also my extended family.

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