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What’s Happening @ UCiM?

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(Blog) UCiM-isms: Feb 5-9/13 Collection

By rote a day ends the way it began & will begin as it’s always begun. Observed as a moment of possibility, beginning is grounded creativity (130209) Music sings the story we might be. Notes highlight the tempo of potential within. Harmony beckons us into the union of the crescendo (130208) Into darkness we sometimes […]

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(YouTube) Distractions

During the fourth Sunday, February 3/13, after Epiphany, Rev. Shelly & Dea. Richard offered the reflection through a mixed medium of word, poetry-slam cadence and the use of various videos and song to explore the idea of distractions and how, sometimes, they serve to keep us from fully living as people of faith. Part of […]

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(Blog) UCiM-isms: Jan 29-Feb 2/13 Collection

The Spirit flies & dives unhindered through lives balanced between joy & pain. May God’s Breath embrace us deeply as we walk along the Way (130202) Wonder is embodied prayer. W=movement & change orientation. W=inspirational awe & generatively questioning. With eyes open, be wonder! (130201) Human narrative occurs through plot lines, data maps, digital interfaces […]

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The Dark Side of Chocolate

The Outreach Group and Talking Teens invite you to watch the documentary, The Dark Side of Chocolate, and to consider this as one way to live into the One Month Challenge, which was recently shared on UCiM’s website. Consider consuming only Fair Trade coffee, tea and chocolate for a month.  To inspire you, stay after church on […]

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One-Month Challenge!

The Outreach Group is excited to share Faith Trade Manitoba‘s, One Month Challenge! See description and DIY Kit below for more information! Starting on Valentines Day 2013, The One-Month Challenge is an opportunity to show support for producers in the developing world by consuming only fair trade brands of coffee, tea and chocolate for 30 […]

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Dig in Manitoba

The Outreach Group is excited to introduce you to Dig in Manitoba! Want to know more about them? Checkout the description below & explore there challenge for Manitobans! About Dig In Manitoba “An idea rooted in community Have you ever gotten a great snack idea from another parent? Has someone you know ever shared some […]

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(YouTube) “How to Connect With People”

During this presentation, John Hindle, professional speaker and former Goldeyes General Manager, spoke about How to Connect With People. John asked the question, why can’t people think like me? From Opening Day at the ball park to the thought-provoking, Love in a Jar, enjoy John’s light-hearted and engaging stories that helped shape his belief in […]

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(Blog) UCiM-isms: Jan 15-19/13 Collection

From water, wine flowed abundant. From baskets empty, loaves & fishes teemed. May wonder lead to places seeming vacant yet potential filled (130119) When science discovers something that should not exist, may we open our eyes with wonder & humility! (130118) ‘Grace & choice:’ The Spirit dives, flies and flutters through our lives patiently guiding. […]