Seeking to be a Congregation grounded in personal relationships with Christ, nurtured in the fellowship of the Church, and empowered through God to seek justice in the world.
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What’s Happening @ UCiM?

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(YouTube) What is Church?

During the second Sunday in the Easter Season, Dea. Richard asked, ‘What is Church?’ In order to wrestle with that question, he walked through III Acts to help discern where it might be that we are called.   This is the video, from Cray Libs & Cons, with which Dea. Richard ended his Reflection.

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(Blog) UCiM-isms: Apr 2-6/13 Collection

May all who walk the dark night know solace & care without judgement. May all who currently are a lit, share with compassion & humility (130406) The human genome’s journey unfolds in intimate companionship. From there to here, we are but one weave in the totality of life’s tapestry (130405) Swords rattle, weapons deploy & […]

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Outreach Movie: Big Eden Apr 14/13

The Outreach Group would like to invite to UCiM’s ongoing Affirming Exploration. On Sunday, April 14/13 @ 12:00 (during a time of Fellowship & lunch), we will watch the movie, Big Eden, which will be followed by a discussion that will explore this question: What does the movie – Big Eden – have to teach […]

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(Blog) UCiM-isms: Mar 26-30/13 Collection

In the pause amid dark & light, slumber & awakening, death & life, potential pervades. In transition’s moment, choice is change’s constant (130330) Shrouds obscure Light and all seems lost in the shock that accompanies grief. Hold fast Sisters & Brothers, for the Light promised beckons (130329) Maundy Thursday: A pause, a meal, bread broken, […]

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(Blog) From The Pews: Mukuru

From the Pews offers members of the UCiM community an opportunity to share their own faith journeys, questions, challenges &/or doubts. We invite you to walk with our Brothers & Sisters & share your feedback and thoughts. And, should you be so moved & feel you too would like to contribute to this aspect of […]

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Trivia Challenge Night Apr 13/13

Attention Trivia Enthusiasts! Are You Ready For a “Novel” Event? The UCiM Men’s Group is hosting a Fellowship Event, for the whole congregation, in the form of a “Trivia Challenge Night” on Saturday, April 13, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Fun for the whole family and your friends!! We are going to play 3 games, […]

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(Blog) UCiM-isms: Mar 12-16/13 Collection

Is integrity’s mark how we respond to adversity? Is discipleship’s mark how we respond to other’s struggles? If so, how shall we respond? (130316) Christian Discipleship does not deny adversity or reject doubt: rather it is an invitation to respond differently with wonder & humility (130315) Does what you believe, preach, espouse & to which […]