Check Out Our New Affirm Banner!

The United Church In Meadowood was proud to have become the 100th congregation in the United Church to be accredited as an Affirming Congregation in 2014.

As an Affirming Congregation we seek to actively welcome all who walk by faith, regardless of the many qualities by which we are sometimes divided: age, religion, race, ethnic background, economic circumstance, ability, health status, and especially gender identity and sexual orientation.

We are grateful for the design skills which the University of Manitoba’s Berea Henderson (l) volunteered to her colleague, Affirm Action Group member, Eveline Milliken (r).   The banner has been made, and delivered just in time for the 2017 Pride Parade.

Our Affirm Action Group & Talking Teens invite you to join us
as we march in the Pride Parade on June 4th.
Everyone is welcome!

What’s special about this year?
We will hold our brand-new Affirm banner with pride.
This outstanding banner was beautifully designed especially for our community by Berea, a talented young woman from the U of M .

Our banner will definitely provide visibility for Meadowood.
We, the Parade-ers, will joyfully represent our UCiM,
an affirming congregation in South East Winnipeg, embracing diversity.

We hope that our walk will also give us and our young people
a sense of belonging and being part of the wider United Church.
All United Church people will walk together.

Rides will be available!  
If you are interested, please let us know (Office, Ha Na, Diane Dwarka).
We will contact you with more info:
where we meet, how to get there, once all is confirmed. 

And the People Said

Doing good together is meaningful to me, and this faith community succeeds.

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Next door Divinity!  The UCiM Choir, under the direction of Brendan McKeen presents “Holy Night of Miracles” – a cantata of hope for Christmas.

Have you joined our Every-Sunday after-worship pot-luck lunch group yet?  Drop in and enjoy new friends!

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