Cradle Roll Nursery

What is the Cradle Roll?

In 2005, UCIM congregant Frances Smith implemented the Cradle Roll as a way for congregation and children baptized at UCIM and their families to stay connected through the interval between the baptism and the child’s entry into Children’s Church, at the age of three.

Here is what happens:  When a child is baptized at UCIM, a symbolic lamb with the child’s name and birthdate is placed on our “Cradle Roll” display near our worship space.  This reminds every one of the children’s baptisms, their membership in the flock of the Good Shepherd, and of the congregation’s promises to support the children and their families.  Birthday greetings are sent to the child each year.

In September of their third birthday, children are invited to graduate from the Cradle Roll to more active participation in the play, friendship and learning of Children’s Church.  At that time, children are presented with their lamb from the “Cradle Roll” board which they proudly deliver to the Children’s Church group appropriate to their age.

Cradle Roll Nursery

Knowing it can be difficult for parents of very young children to attend and enjoy the church service, UCIM has initiated the Cradle Roll Nursery Community.  On the first Sunday of each month, volunteers from the congregation will be present to attend to children under 3 years of age during worship.  The goals of this program are to provide a safe and fun environment for the children; provide an opportunity for parents of young children to participate and enjoy Sunday services; and enable parents and children to make supportive connections with other parents and congregants.

On Cradle Roll Sundays, trained volunteers of the congregation will be present in the McCaskill Room to care for young children.  Upon arriving at UCIM, parents are asked to register their children with the volunteers (so that, should a need arise, parents can be recalled easily).  Age appropriate toys and books will be available for the children.  The volunteers may also engage the children in quiet activities such as reading stories, playing games or singing songs.  Parents may come and go as they wish during the church service.  After worship, parents can sign their children out of the nursery and enjoy coffee or juice provided for the enjoyment of all present.

In order to ensure proper supervision, it would be helpful if parents could provide advance notice of their interest in the Cradle Roll Nursery by contacting Andrea at the church office (204-256-7002, or

If you would like to volunteer to spend some time and get to know the littlest members of our congregation, please speak to Gord or Ronda Eros.

And the People Said

I have been lifted up by the prayers of our ministers and members and have been sustained by the goodwill of countless individuals and their families.

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