Erica Young experiences support and belonging


Erica Young helps lead the Talking Teens and is part of the Christian Education committee. She is also one of the congregation’s Affirming monitors who were asked to support the congregation in living out our commitment to being an Affirming congregation.  Erica tells us that the thing she is most grateful for about being a part of The United Church in Meadowood is ‘relationships.’


How did you first come to The United Church in Meadowood?
Please tell us how our faith community has sustained and changed your life.
Why is this faith community important to you and why does our church family matter to you?
Why do you choose to stay with our community?
Why do you give your time and money to the church?

What are some lessons that you most appreciate from being a United Church member?

The United Church has been known for its commitment to social justice and that’s important to me. I would say that, being a person of faith, one of the things that means for me is that life is sacred, all life is sacred. And one of the ways we can live our lives is to make choices that nurture other life. We can live out a belief that all life is created and called into being by a loving God. But even though there’s so much love in the world, there is also so much pain and brokenness. I believe we are called to work for healing. One of the things that I am grateful for in this faith community is having folks who helped me identify and nurture my gifts. We all have gifts to share and one of the ways that we offer healing to each other is by sharing those gifts. Talking about nurturing life, sharing our gifts and healing brokenness – I think that’s just church language for activism (both laugh). If I were talking to someone different I would maybe explain the same thing using very different words. (Ha Na: for example?) Well, in a more secular setting, I might talk about organizing to affect change, to build a better world. We need to try out alternative ways of organizing ourselves that promote equality and inclusion and creativity and health and sustainability. I would talk about the importance of dismantling oppressive systems like racism and patriarchy and unlearning the habits those systems have ingrained in us. As a church, we can talk about those things too, and we do, I hope.

But Christian spirituality has been so much aligned with the powers that be. It feels complicated to publicly identify as a Christian in activist circles, even though activism and spirituality are part of the same thing for me.

“There Are Many Ways to Give” was the theme of our 2015 Stewardship Campaign and Rev Ha Na Park interviewed four congregants.

“I hope that the 4 interviews will not only raise congregational awareness of the importance of stewardship (the giving of time, money and gifts), but will also inform Church members and adherents of the breadth of ministry and mission activities within the Church. Seemingly ordinary activities can make a big difference in the lives of both ourselves and others.”

1Bev Hindle  shared her reflections on how our faith community has made an impact on her life and spirituality.

2Stacey Milne-Ciecko talked about how our faith community has been a place for learning, spiritual growth and discipleship.

3Erica Young  tells us that the thing she is most grateful for about being a part of The United Church in Meadowood is ‘relationships.

4Joy Bissoon, who has been with UCiM since its early beginnings, shares that she is  extremely grateful to our ministers and the congregation for their prayers, care and concern which she has received during the past six months of facing a serious health concern.

And the People Said

Growing up in the United Church is where I developed my passion for social justice issues which has really shaped my life.

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