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New in 2018, there will also be a Festival of Faith held in conjuction with General Council.

Something new is rising. The United Church of Canada, an institution as old and venerable as the nation, is going through a sort of metamorphosis. General Council 43, to be held in Oshawa, July 2018 will be a watershed.

Even before the official opening of GC43, the Festival of Faith will commence. This event will bring together musicians, authors, dancers, story tellers and crafts people on Saturday and Sunday, July 21 and 22. Like an old-time country fair, artists and artisans will roll in early in the morning, scrambling to set up their tent in the best location before the crowds arrive. There will be workshops being presented, intended to inform and inspire, sharing the vitality of our work and witness.

And there will be opportunities to connect and even to offer your own voice and artistry in the Coffee House or on the Green. Music, spoken word, ideas, movement and spiritual exploration are all on offer at this summers’ Festival of Faith: Risking Faith, Daring Hope. See you there!