Let Our Light Shine!

With a new electronic sign!

Latest Funds Update:

We are getting closer to “Letting our Light Shine” brighter!  We need everyone’s help.

As with all projects done mainly by volunteers, we sometimes lose sight of the need – the means and the enthusiasm.

NEED– The existing sign is 30 years old and the supports that hold the plexiglass are weak and it really needs two people to change the sign and protect the person under the glass if a gust of wind comes up.  I am told that it takes about 1 ½ hours per week to complete this job and this is done once a week.  That’s a lot of volunteer hours in a year or over 30 years.

We have so much happening here that we want to share with the wider community. The existing sign, with only two messages that the community sees, only gets changed once a week.  We really NEED to talk to those outside our walls more often than that!  We NEED those people on the outside to come in and join us on the inside!  We NEED to be a growing church.

MEANS – We are so very thankful for all those who have contributed to the Means to get this project done.  We thank the Men’s Group, the UCW, the Seniors Lunch, Meadowood Seniors Club and the Memorial Fund who provided funds to place the order for the sign.  Also thank you to the 30 families who have donated to this project a total of $6,663.   Just this past week we got a commitment from the Men’s Group that they will be providing $3,954 – 90% of the net funds from the Mother’s Day Tea! Thank YOU.

Where do we stand financially?

Electronic Sign goal                                        $40,000.00

Funds raised to date                                      $27,793.00

Need to be raised                                           $12,207.00

We have received word that our anticipated installation date is July 5th Now all we need is your enthusiasm in donating the rest of the funds. If each of the remaining 320 families who belong to our congregation, each donated $40 the sign would be paid for in full. No bake sales – No trunk sales – no concerts.  Paid in full – doesn’t that sound great.  Have you done your part?

“Let OUR Light Shine”

This project is very dependant on one-time donations. Thank you for your support!

We had a demo of the new sign in our parking lot on April 8! It was great to have a vision of what the new sign will look like!

And the People Said

I was inspired to continue my appreciation of what riches God has given us.

Susan C.

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