Spiritual Growth

A collection of thoughtful content offered by Rev Gordon Taylor & Rev Ha Na Park

Do you know what approaches the United Church has made toward reconciliation with Islam?

March 22/17 | by Rev Gordon Taylor How many United Church people know of the resource, That We May Know Each Other?  it is a study of United Church/Christian/Islam relations that in relatively brief order helps us understand who Muslims are, what ...
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I am not a horror movie kind of guy.

March 21/17 | by Rev Gordon Taylor Why would anyone want to look at scenes of horror that are fake? I have no idea. Give me something uplifing every time. However, I do know why someone would want to look into ...
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Mr. Marshall’s Choice

March 20/17 | by Rev Gordon Taylor Contrary to some politicians, I don’t think Meryl Streep is an overrated actor.  Her portrayal of a mother forced to choose between her elementary-school aged son and daughter at the gates of the ...
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Third Sunday in Lent

March 12/17 | by Rev Gordon Taylor A day of rest.  Enjoy your Sabbath.  Encounter the holy.  Be renewed in the new life and Shared Home God is giving us today! ...
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Don’t Tell Me “Welcome” is a Dirty Word!

March 18/17 | by Rev Gordon Taylor I was brought up short recently, while reading some material about sexual identities and gender justice.  As a pastor of an Affirming Church, I was reviewing some of the resources for this area ...
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And the People Said

I found that each time I attended the Bible study, I was giving myself the opportunity to experience the present moment and to connect with God.

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