Spiritual Growth

A collection of thoughtful content offered by Rev Gordon Taylor & Rev Ha Na Park

Holy Week Faces the Un-Holy

April 10/17 | by Rev Gordon Taylor Holy Week is about facing what is hard to face. This week, the truths excerpted from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Report for our meditation are hard to face. I pray we ...
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The Move to Innocence – Aren’t we All Métis?

April 8/17 | by Rev Gordon Taylor As I have been reading for this series of reflections, I discovered "Métis" is a lot more complicated than I thought.  And I discovered that I had not thought about "Métis" much, other ...
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It’s Off To Work We Go

April 7/17 | by Rev Gordon Taylor What do we expect a childhood should look like?  What do we want our children and grand-children to experience at school?  Let's pause for a moment and develop a mental image of the ...
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All Smoke and Feathers?

April 6/17 | by Rev Gordon Taylor What is there to learn about Indigenous cultures?  WE know all WE need to know about Indigenous people.  Right?  WE can get along fine with the amount of understanding WE have.  Right?  It ...
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Our Sisters

April 5/17 | by Rev Gordon Taylor Shades of our Sisters is a lovely and poignant web-site I invite you to visit today.  It is an extraordinary, multi-media memorial to two young Indigenous women who were taken from their families ...
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And the People Said

I was inspired to continue my appreciation of what riches God has given us.

Susan C.

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