The United Church in Meadowood continues to be a faith community that lives out its commitment in social justice issues.  As an affirming ministry, we continue to light the Rainbow candle every Sunday during our public worship.  We welcome all who seek to walk by faith, regardless of age, gender, ability, sexual identity, or social status.

UCIM Affirming Action Plan

Affirm Annual Report – 2016

On May 7, 2016, a presbytery wide event was held at Churchill Park United Church.  Diane Dwarka was an active participant in the planning and Rev. Ha Na Park and Diane attended the event.  The theme was: “Transgender: Affirmed by God:  A day of discussion that identity is more than anatomy!”. The day began by unpacking the acronym LGBTTQ with Dr. Reece Malone, Education Coordinator at the Rainbow Resource Centre.  Speakers included personal stories from a transgender Dad, a refugee transgender life journey and her flight from persecution. Karen Toole’s theological reflection at the end of the day wrapped up the event on a very positive note.  Don Ross and Karen Lumley served as chaplains for the day.

On May 15, 2016, our service focused on the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO), lighting of the Rainbow candle, and acknowledging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s confirmation to move forward with new legislation to protect the rights of Transgender Canadians. All Affirm Action Task Group members participated in leading the worship service. Eveline led The Call to Worship and presented one story from the UCC Webinar: Celebrating Gender Diversity.

On Pride Sunday (June 5, 2016), some of our members attended the PRIDE Winnipeg parade, while the rest of the congregation marched with the rainbow flag within our property. It was visible to the neighbourhood. All ages participated in the parade, which was followed by the church picnic. On July 9th,  many of our members drove out to Steinbach in support of their inaugural Pride Parade which attracted well over one thousand people.

On June 19th, the congregation remembered the shooting in Orlando with the time for silence and prayers, during service.

Be Yourself a children’s book written by Jackie Swirsky and illustrated by her 7 year old gender creative son Jacob was launched at McNally Robinson.  A song about the book was written by Grant Miyai and sung at the launch.

The Every Teacher Project on LGBTQ-Inclusive Education in Canada’s K-12 Schools is a book based on a national research study that was carried out by the University of Winnipeg in partnership with the Manitoba Teachers’ Society (MTS).

Where’s the Mother: Stories from a Transgender Dad written by Trevor MacDonald is the story of a transgender Dad who breastfeeds his baby.  All three books were published in 2016 and are now in our library in the MacAskill room.

In living out our Duty of Care Guidelines to care for those who are marginalized or more vulnerable in our community, Rudy and Diane attended the Manitoba Multifaith Council Annual General Meeting which featured a panel discussion on: Education, Religion and a New Canadian Pluralism.

We continue to display a Safe Person-Safe Space Pink Triangle and Ally posters.

One of our plans for 2017 is to make our own United Church in Meadowood Affirm Banner. In Fall, we plan to create educational events. The movie Gen Silent is a documentary which follows the lives of six LGBT seniors. This could be done in partnership with the Pastoral Care Team on a Sunday after service. Other plans include revisiting our Action Plan with the view of “living it out,” observing the UCiM’s Affirm Anniversary this year, and creating more Sundays when we will have food, time to chat, with visual symbols of Rainbow community and solidarity at play.

Written by Diane Dwarka,

submitted by Affirm Action Task Group of The United Church in Meadowood

Our Affirming celebration as the United Church of Canada’s 100th Affirming Congregation was held on Sunday, November 10, 2013.

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And the People Said

a very beautiful and profound service …

It touched me very deeply

in a way that I can’t explain with any clarity.

All I can say it was a deep and exquisite experience.

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