Celebrate Pride with UCiM!

 The United Church of Canada will be celebrating an official Pride Sunday for the first time in 2019. We encourage you to mark this day and celebrate the lives and ministry of LGBTQIA+ and Two Spirit people.

At UCiM, we are celebrating with a Pride Sunday worship service, followed by a short Pride Parade on Dakota Street in front of the church. Please join us!

Last week in Winnipeg, members of our Affirming Committee attended a Queer and Faithful Event, a Pride week event. Rudy has offered a reflection on the weekend and what it meant to him.

Read Rudy’s Reflection here.

A PRIDE Prayer:

Constant Friend, because 

People of every sexual orientation, gender expression, and gender identity have the right to live with dignity and without persecution or discrimination, we

Remember in our prayers:

LGBTQ+ people of Chechnya, Uganda, Zambia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and elsewhere who have been murdered and tortured because of who they are. We remember them and the people who love them.

LGBTQ+ refugees from around the world seeking safety and sanctuary. We remember them and the people who welcome them.

Trans and gender-diverse people in Canada, the United States, Brazil, and elsewhere, who are targeted victims of hate crimes and assaults. We remember them and the people who love them.

LGBTQ+ people whose dignity and self-esteem have been eroded by hateful systems and structures. We remember them and seek to be people who love more fully.

Individually, we each uniquely reflect your glory and express your love, but anti-gay violence, homophobia,and transphobia have blocked many from recognizing your beauty in all people. All of creation suffers from the effects of such hate, fear, and violence.

Daily, may we dedicate ourselves to building bridges of love and hope where harmful divisions have been made, making equity and equality for all people our goal, while working continually for justice, so that 

Everyone can live fully in your love. Amen.

—a prayer by Alydia Smith for Pride month

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