Church Family – By Lola

Some inspiring words from one of our most respected members at Meadowood. Lola has been attending here since our very beginning. Lola was behind the beginning of our Keep in Touch (KIT) Callers, has been an active volunteer for many years, and has always been an involved and important member of our faith community. She is coming up on her 100th birthday in September and we so appreciate all that she has contributed here.

“If you belong to a group, then you should be interested to help that group out in the efforts you are all trying to achieve.  The same goes for our church.  I never really felt I belonged until I volunteered to go on a committee.  During my many years,  at Fort Garry U.C., St.Vital U.C and for the last 36 years at The United Church in Meadowood. I have served on many committees and through them, have made many friends.   When you are involved, it means you are  pulling your weight  and really being a part of the group.  I always feel that my church is my second home and that the Church Family is also my extended family.  Best wishes to all of you. Lola”

And the People Said

As I have learned more and spent more time here, it’s become more a discipleship opportunity.

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