Discipleship Participant Shares Experience

On May 29th, the 2015-16 Discipleship Bible Study group celebrated completion of thirty-four weeks of structured Bible study. As a member of the class, I am proud to have reached that milestone; it was a challenging  journey and I arrived at the destination having grown in spiritual health and maturity, feeling profoundly and positively changed.

The Discipleship course involves a significant commitment. In addition to attending the weekly class, the curriculum includes daily reading, journaling and time for prayer. Other course requirements are courage to have an open mind and heart, the willingness to discuss and share with others, and the desire to be a steward of God’s word.  The investment is well worth it!

I undertook the course knowing that I would be out of town in the spring for about two months.  As the departure date approached, I actually felt distressed about all that I would be missing.  However, due to the flexibility of Rev. Taylor and my classmates, I was able to undertake ‘distance education’, attending class each Thursday evening via Facetime.

Each week Rev. Taylor generously shares  his wealth of knowledge; familiar Bible verses and stories heard since childhood are placed in historical context, connections are made between them, and an understanding of the evolution of God’s family begins.  The Bible becomes a fascinating, living book with which to be engaged;  each exploration revealing more than it did before.

All group members contribute to the discussion as they feel comfortable.  The opinions and points of view are varied and challenging; both thoughtful, and thought provoking. It is a place to find some answers, and probably a lot more questions. More so, it is a safe, respectful circle in which to examine and interact with the Bible and your faith, meet God, and deepen your understanding of your relationship with God and God’s people.

The possibilities, oh the possibilities!

-Margot MacInnes

And the People Said

Growing up in the United Church is where I developed my passion for social justice issues which has really shaped my life.

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