The United Church in Meadowood

Whoever you are, just as you are, God loves you.  No exceptions.

Children’s Church

Programming is offered for children through out the year.  Children are welcome as they are, noise and energy and all!

Children’s Church:  Most sundays, children from age 4 to grade 6 begin with the adults and youth in the sanctuary where they participate in the opening of the service and a time especially designed for them.  Then a team of well trained leaders provide an interactive program designed to help them learn about the bible and faith and integrate what they are learning into their lives.  On a few sundays the entire service is designed to be of interest to people of all ages.

For younger children we have Lambs Corner in a room adjacent to the sanctuary.

We also have a program for Youth.  They usually meet twice a month and have special activities and events upon occasion.  Contact for more information

For more information on any of these programs contact Christian Education Coordinator at

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