From The Pews

Maybe it’s our comfy chairs!  
The folks who sit in these seats on Sunday mornings are a vibrant and engaged group of appreciative Christians.This section on our website is where we hear a lot more about or from the people of UCiM.

We started with the conversations between Ha Na Park and some congregants for our Stewardship 2015 campaign.

Participation is invited. Share your reflections and vewpoints and stories of your walk for the benefit of our entire community. 

Growing Butterflies at UCiM!

We have butterflies!  We started with Painted Lady Caterpillars that got busy in their new homes eating and growing. The caterpillars formed chrysalides and have now emerged as beautiful butterflies. Join us on June 10th as we release these amazing ...
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I love being on the Outreach Committee at UCiM!

I love being on the Outreach Committee at UCiM.  We have opportunities to go beyond our walls to reach out to the community.  And really, isn't that what it is all about? Last week, two of us attended the Annual ...
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Prayer Experience

Submitted by Margot MacInnes Recently beset with the problem of insomnia, I arose one morning after a very bad night,  feeling particularly distressed.  My tired, defeated attitude was evident in my  prayers which were not only full of anguished pleading ...
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Discipleship Participant Shares Experience

On May 29th, the 2015-16 Discipleship Bible Study group celebrated completion of thirty-four weeks of structured Bible study. As a member of the class, I am proud to have reached that milestone; it was a challenging  journey and I arrived ...
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Towards the end of last year, I stumbled upon a video while I was procrastinating on Facebook that really spoke to me. The video talked about a project called 365 Grateful, and Hailey Bartholomew, who started the project talked a ...
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Church Family – By Lola

Some inspiring words from one of our most respected members at Meadowood. Lola has been attending here since our very beginning. Lola was behind the beginning of our Keep in Touch (KIT) Callers, has been an active volunteer for many ...
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And the People Said

I was inspired to continue my appreciation of what riches God has given us.

Susan C.

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