Grief Group

“…The group is intended to provide a social setting in which we may get to know one another, and attend to our sense of loss. I expect we will share insights as well as the upheaval of grief. We might weep and laugh, share stories, or at times be silent. This group will assist us in our mutual healing.

“So how can it be that in a world so full and busy, the loss of one weak creature makes a void in any heart, so wide and deep that nothing but the width and depth of eternity can fill it up?” ~ Charles Dickens

If you are looking to join an upcoming Grief Group, please call Sandy at 204-256-7002 for more information, or to register.  The cost for this program is the price of the book (about $12), and your time together. This group is open to UCIM & neighbours in Winnipeg (spread the word). Healing after Loss, by MW Hickman, will be our text for discussion.  A minimum of 6 enrollees is required.

“Life only demands from you the strength you possess.  Only one feat is possible – not to have run away.”  ~Dag Hammarskjold


At the end of 10 weeks, the group can make the decision whether and how to continue, if at all.  In the past, some groups have morphed into a dinner group or “lunch bunch.”  Others have continued as a book group … looking at additional grief resources.  Still others have disbanded, and group members have stayed friends or gone their separate ways.  Again, participants will decide.

P.S. If there is someone in your family who would be interested, feel free to forward the invitation.

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I loved providing parents with a night off from cooking and cleaning and just enjoying time with their families and reconnecting.

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