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Heroes of the Bible – Fall Video Series

Going back to school is normally an exciting time of year, but this year is unlike any other. Parents are feeling nervous about how safe their children will be in school, and children are anxious about what to expect of this school year. 

About our Video Series: 

This time, we’re focusing on Ruth, Miriam and Queen Esther…three women in the bible who showed so much bravery and courage to do what they needed to do. 

Heroes of the Bible – Exploring 3 Stories Together

Episode #4 – The Story of Ruth

Toby the Turtle and Luna the Sheep feel very anxious about going back to school. They’re worried about having to wear masks all day and having to physical distance from their friends. Bonnie shares with them the story of Ruth, and of how she bravely travelled with Naomi on a journey where she didn’t know what to expect. 

Heroes of The Bible Episode 4 – The Story of Ruth from The United Church in Meadowood on Vimeo.

Episode #5 – The Story of Miriam

Luna the Sheep is angry because she has to look after her baby brother while her parents work from home because of the pandemic. Poppy the Ostrich suggests they ask Bonnie to tell them the story of Miriam. They learn how brave Miriam was to look after her baby brother, and how that baby grew up to be someone very special. 

The Story of Miriam from The United Church in Meadowood on Vimeo.

Episode #6 – The Story of Queen Esther – Video Coming Soon!

Poppy is frustrated that she can’t draw well. She thinks she has no talent for anything. Through learning the story of Queen Esther, she gains the courage to believe in herself and trust in God to find her talents. 

Queen Esther from The United Church in Meadowood on Vimeo.

And the People Said

Sunday morning’s service was a very touching reminder of the significance of Palm Sunday.  It was a meaningful way to contemplate the lead-in to Holy Week.

Joy B.

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