Introducing… Rocky and Friends!

Episode #3 is now ready to go! Thanks for watching our fun Rocky & Friends video series! Rocky and his friends will keep the fun going all summer long with Camp Meadowood!

Episode #1 – Daniel and the Lion’s Den

Rocky the Raccoon loves superheroes, but he is anxious about a video project for school. He is struggling with distance learning and would much rather play Spiderman than do schoolwork. With the help of his friend, Olly the Otter, and a special bible story, Rocky is able to conquer his fear and find the courage he needs to persevere. 

Episode #2 – Noah’s Ark

Chester the Cheetah is feeling down about the rain. It’s been raining all week and he’s disappointed he can’t go outside to play. Chester is discouraged by all the time he’s had to spend inside during the pandemic, and worries that the rain and the pandemic will never go away. His buddy, Rocky, helps lift his spirits and so does a special bible story about a man, an ark and God’s promise of a rainbow.

Rocky the Raccoon is angry! It’s the end of the school year and his teacher planned a special visit at school. Rocky thought his whole class would be there and is very angry to find out it will only be a few classmates. He’s mad at his teacher, mad at the pandemic, and mad at everything! Olly suggests they learn about David and Goliath, so Rocky can learn about the courage he needs to control his anger and believe in himself.

Rocky & Friends 3 from The United Church in Meadowood on Vimeo.

And the People Said

I was inspired to continue my appreciation of what riches God has given us.

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