Lent Challenge 4

Our challenge this week is to find a way to share your faith. Make a point of sharing your faith with someone else. You could invite someone to come to church with you, or tell someone you are praying for them or ask if it’s ok to pray for them. Don’t be limited to sharing your faith with just friends and family, try to share your faith with a stranger, you might be surprised by the result.

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Sharing faith – By Gord

It isn’t as hard (or unwelcome) as we think… to talk about our faith.  Perhaps we don’t want to seem foolish talking about something immaterial and invisible.  But love is immaterial and invisible, so is happiness, wonder, grief, passion …  Perhaps we don’t want to show our lack of bible knowledge or theological depth.  But hey, all the disciples lacked depth; None of us knows it all – that’s why it’s called faith and not knowledge.  

Perhaps we imagine sharing faith means “trying to convert people and get them to come to UCIM”.  Nope. The bible NEVER commands that.  It says “bear witness.”  What do witnesses in court do?  They only tell what they have experienced (THE TRUTH of their experience) … they are not to withhold details (THE WHOLE TRUTH), and are enjoined NOT to embellish their story (NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH) to determine the outcome. Witnesses don’t judge … they just give evidence. It is up to the jury to decide.  

So it isn’t that hard.  Sharing faith is not about wedging “Jesus” into every conversation. Rather it is about recognizing when our response to a conversation arises out of our experience of God’s love, and giving credit where it’s due (for example: “that sounds like the parable I heard in church a few weeks ago”).   Sharing faith is talking about the values that matter to our lives, and which guide and inspire us to hope for improvements in the world that we yearn to see.

How Do They Know? – By Stacey

I recently read an article on Facebook from Affirm United, discussing the beginning of one faith community’s journey to become an affirming congregation and it got me thinking about our message and how we send that message into the community. On more than one occasion, when hearing that I work in a church, I have heard people from right here in this community say, “Oh, I didn’t even know there was a church there.” When I hear this, it makes me realize that our message might not be reaching very far outside our walls. I know that there are people who are hungering for a faith connection or a community connection, or a safe place and I think we can provide that for them here. So let’s continue to let people know our motto: “Whoever you are, just as you are, God Loves You.” This motto is something we can think about when we talk about our faith and share it with others, no matter who you are or where you’re from, no matter what journey you have taken to get here, you are loved and welcomed here.

Doug’s Faith Story

Our friend Doug Purdey shared a short video of his faith journey during Sunday worship. For Doug’s full story, click here.

Sometimes just talking about our faith with others can lead to new and exciting things. This article shares a story of how an invitation to talk about faith can turn into something amazing.

Jesus House at 1209

Sharing our faith can mean getting out there and doing something. What is that something? This song by Matthew West is a great challenge that fits in well with the act of sharing faith by doing.

This article gives some practical advice about how you can share your faith with others.

How To Share Your Faith in God With Others

And the People Said


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