Lent Challenge 6

Our challenge this week is to do something sacrificial. Try to do something that costs you a little bit, time or money or going out of your way for someone else. You could do a chore that someone else usually does, you could give some of your time to help someone else, but do something different than you might normally do. Or is there something that you can give up that would be meaningful?

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RMeaningful sacrifice – By Gord

Sacrifice sounds scary.   We might remember how Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this, that a man (or woman) lay down their life for their friend” (John 15). 

But sacrifice doesn’t always mean death or pain.  Jesus doesn’t say “die for your friend” … but “lay down your living.”  Of course this could mean suffering on the cross as it did for him.  But it also means what wedding vows mean, when the couple pledge that they will live for each other’s blessing, in all circumstances of life … in joy and sorrow, in sickness and health, … etc.  In this sense, sacrifice means orienting our life’s effort from acquisition to letting go, from enriching one’s self to enriching others.

When we love, we give more fully and more easily … and so it seems, paradoxically, less difficult to sacrifice.  Perhaps the exercise of meaningful sacrifice is an invitation to practice all the challenges we have named previously, at once! To be significant, we have to care for someone we don’t already love (an “enemy”), reach out to the lonely (“someone needing love”), recognize we have received gifts ourselves (be grateful for all we have received), have practiced readiness to give (in random acts of generosity), letting go of what we think we can possess (meaningful sacrifice), revealing the value (sharing faith) we find in Jesus.   

Myles spoke on Sunday about his experiences with sacrifice. You can read his words here. 

This song from the Crash Test Dummies talks of Superman’s sacrifice to save the world.

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And the People Said

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