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The United Church in Meadowood is a bustling facility where we gather to worship, learn and connect.  UCiM is host to many community groups and rental opportunities.  The building opened in 1988, all facilities are on one level and is accessible to all.  The building includes the Sanctuary, Narthex, Fellowship Hall, kitchen, MacAskill Room, offices, washrooms and three classrooms.

Facility Rentals at The United Church in Meadowood

Many of the rooms at UCiM are available to rent for meetings, workshops, celebrations, recitals and more. Our building is fully accessible, with a flat entrance, and wheelchair accessible washrooms and a gender neutral washroom. All facility rentals must be approved by the office before a permit will be issued. For more information on facility rentals and terms and regulations, please call the church office at 204-256-7002 or email ucm@ucim.org

MacAskill Room
The MacAskill Room can accommodate up to 30 people in this air conditioned space. There is a large, 4 part table and padded chairs, it is a great space for meetings and small workshops.

The kitchen is a full kitchen with industrial dishwasher and air conditioning. Minimum Kitchen use includes coffee service with use of urns, cups, saucers and dishwasher. Full Kitchen use includes dishes, cutlery, dishwasher and appliances in kitchen.

The Sanctuary can accommodate up to 200 people on padded chairs. The grand piano can be used at an additional cost. The sanctuary has great acoustics and is an excellent space for concerts, recitals, etc.

Fellowship Hall
The Fellowship is the large hall located behind the sanctuary. The room can accommodate up to 200 people. The use of foldable tables and chairs is provided with the cost of the room rental. The Fellowship Hall has the capability for audio/visual presentations, including an overhead projector. To use this, renters must provide their own laptop computer.

The Narthex is the open space between the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall. This space can accommodate up to 150 people on stackable chairs. The Narthex area can be utilized to expand the capacity of the Sanctuary or the Fellowship Hall. By removing the wall, we can accommodate up to 500 people in the combined space.

Children’s Church Rooms
The 2 Children’s Church rooms can accommodate 15-16 people each.

Additional Information

Additional Charges will apply for setup of tables/chairs, use of grand or electric pianos, audio visual equipment, removal of Narthex wall, damage deposits, conditional insurance, event hosts and supervisors.

A non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total fees is required before a permit will be issued. GST is charged on all rental fees.

Wedding Fees

Funeral Fees

Fee Schedule

Fellowship Sanctuary MacAskill Room Kitchen *Min/Full Narthex Children’s Church Room
Part Day
1-4 Hours
$175 $175 $90 $75.00/$125.00 $125 $60
Regular Day


$325 $325 $125 $75.00/$125.00 $125 $60
$250 $250 $175 $75.00/$125.00 $125 $60
Full Day
$475 $475 $250 $75.00/$125.00 $125 $60

And the People Said

The United Church in Meadowood is a wonderful gathering place for the community in St. Vital. Our Mom’s group has been meeting here for many years and it’s a very special place.

Angela B

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