Outreach Update

Did you know that our Outreach Committee continues to stay in contact with our Refugee Family? Here is an update from Sandy on the Outreach Committee:

We try to see the family weekly if we can. Sometimes we play games or go for a walk with the parents. We try to go over the parents home work to reinforce their English language learning. We have had them to Jean’s place for a family dinner last year with all of us on Outreach and their family. We have taken them skating, to Fort Whyte tobogganing & skating and to experience it as well. We have taken them to Behind Closed Doors and the St Norbert Farmers Market. We have gone to Ahmed’s play at the U of W on Newcomers and to Ahmed & Osama’s graduation. Lynda her husband Bruce & I were invited to their house for supper & learned to make Falafel. I have had the parents to my place for coffee & a walk along the Seine River. I took Ahmed to meet my niece who is a councillor at Red River campus on Main St. This was so he could learn about the integration program they have for new immigrants to improve their English language and then continue on with Post Secondary education. Both Ahmed & Osama are now enrolled there at the Red River Campus on Main St.

Lynda and I took the dad to the Immigrant Center on Adelaide to see if we could help him move towards getting a job. He was able to get help making a resume’ from one of the councillors there. In August he got a job making furniture downtown. This was a skill he had in Syria. This was a very big step for the family. 

They are such a lovely family. They are so welcoming to have us in their home and grateful for our visits both the parents and the kids. We all really enjoy our time with them and just want to see them succeed in Canada, which they all want very much and are working hard to achieve. They truly are our friends. And it has been and continues to be a very rewarding experience as they continue on their journey to become Canadians.


Thank you to the Outreach Committee for the update! It is great to hear that this family is settling in and making a home here in Canada!

And the People Said

The Teen Confirmation service was an amazing celebration of wonderful young individuals in our church family!

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