The United Church in Meadowood

Outreach at UCiM

The United Church in Meadowood has a strong, vibrant Outreach Committee that endeavors to be a significant Christian presence in the community. You can learn more about some of our recent activities and the organizations we support below.

We support 1JustCity through an ongoing food drive to support their emergency food bank, sending gifts to the St. Matthews Maryland Community Ministry Christmas Store, volunteer efforts of some of our Meadowood members and financial support. Through a matching donation at the end of 2021, we were able to send over $3000 to West Broadway Community Ministry, one of 1JustCity’s partner organizations.

The United Church in Meadowood is now a certified Fair Trade Faith Community! We use fair trade coffee for our coffee hosting on Sunday mornings and we support fair trade products throughout the Meadowood Market.

We support our local community with a hamper drive and mitten tree in December.  

The Outreach Committee strives to increase the awareness of social justice issues in our local community and beyond. We have assisted with Soup Sisters, by making soup with a group of women for a shelter. We host a full table at the “Welcome Home” dinner supporting the House of Peace, which proactively discourages human trafficking by supporting vulnerable women in our community. We maintain a connection with Fair Trade Outreach through the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation with the Meadowood Market and the use of fair trade coffee products on Sundays. We continue to support the Rainbow Ministry’s Turkey Dinner.

Throughout the year, our Outreach Committee hosts special events for community members to engage with and learn about relevant social justice opportunities within Winnipeg.