Prayer Experience

Submitted by Margot MacInnes

Recently beset with the problem of insomnia, I arose one morning after a very bad night,  feeling particularly distressed.  My tired, defeated attitude was evident in my  prayers which were not only full of anguished pleading for a better night’s rest, but  also for help with a good portion of the entire world’s problems, the responsibility for ALL of them clearly resting on my inadequate shoulders.  The Syrian civil war, the American election, ISIS, global warming, Prince George slighting Justin Trudeau by refusing to high five,  and the oncoming winter in Winnipeg;   I couldn’t get God to commit to help me solve any of it!   So, without an immediate answer to these urgent prayers, I carried on with my day.

I subscribe to a Bible Gateway devotional which arrives in my inbox in the wee hours each day;  each e-mail contains a passage from the writings of  C.S. Lewis.  That disconsolate day this is the passage that was offered:

“Everywhere things are troubling and uneasy—wars and rumours of war: perhaps not the final hour but certainly times most evil.

Nevertheless, the Apostle again and again bids us ‘Rejoice’[Philippians 4:4]”

“I believe that the men of this age[.. .]think too much about the state of nations and the situation of the world[…]”

“We are not kings, we are not senators. Let us beware lest, while we torture ourselves in vain about the state of Europe, we neglect either Verona or Oxford  [or in other words, our own city].

In the poor man who knocks at my door, in my ailing mother, in the young man who seeks my advice, the Lord Himself is present: therefore let us wash His feet.”

I had to laugh at myself with my doubts and fears!  My prayer had been answered (via e-mail, no less!) before I had even given it voice.

My plan for the day was to visit my mother-in-law at the personal care home in which she lives.  I felt His presence as I got into my car.

As our minister Gordon Taylor was heard to say:  “We do not have to do it all, and we do not have to do it alone.”

And the People Said

Growing up in the United Church is where I developed my passion for social justice issues which has really shaped my life.

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