There are many ways to pray and Rev Gordon Taylor and Rev Ha Na Park will offer us some of their wisdom on ways we can all invite prayer into our lives.

Bless This Mess

October 5/15 | by Rev Ha Na Park If you happen to find this book, Bless this Mess & Other Prayers, which was written by Jo Carr & Imogene Sorley, 45 years ago (Wow!), and you read it page upon ...
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Be Like a Child

September 29/15 | by Rev Gordon Taylor Does prayer seem daunting to you … requiring flights of poetic eloquence, or knowledge of mysterious techniques, or demanding a religious soul so perfect that prayer feels hardwired into the holy?  If those ...
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Pray Constantly

July 4/15 | offered by Rev Gordon Taylor ~~There’s a story about a wandering Russian monk who once decided to talk St. Paul’s command to “pray constantly” (1 Thess. 5:17)  seriously.  He developed “the Jesus Prayer” as a kind of ...
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Prayer is Life

July 11/15 | offered by Rev Gordon Taylor ~~An Alberta nun-friend from time to time used to ask if she could come to our church for Sunday prayer.  It was a different way of approaching what we would call worship ...
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Ancient Prayer

July 29/15 | offered by Rev Gordon Taylor ~~A friend who has been going through her father’s effects, following his death in his 90’s, just emailed this treasure of a prayer to me which she found among his papers. From ...
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And the People Said

The United Church in Meadowood is a wonderful gathering place for the community in St. Vital. Our Mom’s group has been meeting here for many years and it’s a very special place.

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