UCiM Pandemic Response Policy and Plan

Effective November 12, in keeping with the new public health directives for Code Red, our building is closed to all public access and staff will be primarily working from home.  NOTE: THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE CHURCH IS CLOSED.  Only the building.  Worship, education and pastoral care will continue.  If you need anything at all, please just call or email the office or any other staff member.  Messages will be monitored regularly. 
Please keep all those most directly affected by Code Red in your prayers: those in health care, those who are being laid off and shutting down businesses, and especially those who are sick and have lost loved ones.
Please reach out to those who are alone and isolated and remind them that they are a member of this community and missed.  Stay safe and stay hopeful. As Christians we have an important message to bring to our neighbours: God is with us, we are not alone.

Committees and groups can continue to meet by electronic means.  It is anticipated that these restrictions will be in place for the duration of Code Red and when the province makes a change the Board will respond appropriately.

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The UCiM Board has approved a new Pandemic Response Policy and Plan. The UCiM Board has moved forward with this Plan which includes guidelines for every stage of pandemic severity incorporated into four Levels, which are described in detail in the plan . All plans are in accordance with the province of Manitoba Phase 3 guidelines and our congregation members are asked to carefully read the documentation and follow all guidelines to protect everyone who enters our building. It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that we are operating in a safe manner and following these new guidelines, as well as public health advice. You can read all the documents by following the links below.

Pandemic Response Policy and Plan


UCiM Office
The office is currently closed. If you need to enter the building for any reason, please contact Sandy at ucm@ucim.org to make arrangements.
Everyone entering the church building must sign in at the front door, with name, contact information and reason for your visit . If you are a key holder and plan to attend the building outside of office hours, you must still inform the office in advance of your visit and all guidelines must be followed while you are in the building. Please email Sandy at ucm@ucim.org to schedule your visit.


User Groups, Committees and Small Groups
All UCiM groups are encouraged to meet via Zoom. Please contact the office at ucm@ucim.org or call 204-256-7002 and we can help you get set up with this.

User Group and Committee Checklist


Worship Services

Online worship services will continue for the immediate future.

New Policy for Faith Based Gatherings

Capacity Limits for UCiM

For more information on any of UCiM’s Pandemic Plan, please call the church office at 204-256-7002.

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