UCiM Covid-19 Safety Protocols

The UCiM Board has approved the plans of the Re-opening Committee. All plans are in accordance with the province of Manitoba Phase 3 guidelines and our congregation members are asked to carefully read the documentation and follow all guidelines to protect everyone who enters our building. It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that we are re-opening in a safe manner and following these new guidelines, as well as public health advice. You can read all the documents by following the links below.

UCiM Re-opening Plan for All Users


UCiM Office
The office is now open. Office hours will be: Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm.
All persons who are attending the office are requested to call in advance to schedule your visit and only those who are in administration will be able to enter the offices. Everyone entering the church building must sign in at the front door, with name, contact information and reason for your visit and refrain from general social visits, as well as entering other areas of the church not related to your visit. If you are a key holder and plan to attend the building outside of office hours, you must still inform the office in advance of your visit and all guidelines must be followed while you are in the building. Please email Sandy at ucm@ucim.org or call 204-256-7002 to schedule your visit.


User Groups, Committees and Small Groups
All UCiM groups can now resume regular activities. All user groups, committees and small groups must agree to comply with all guidelines, in accordance with public health guidelines. All user groups must schedule their activities in advance with the church office by emailing ucm@ucim.org or call 204-256-7002. Each time a user group comes into UCiM, they must complete the Committee or User Group Agreement, and return to the office. Those groups that do not comply before leaving the building will be asked to return immediately to complete the agreement. 

User Group and Committee Checklist


Worship Services
While we are working on the details of in person, indoor worship services, we do not have a firm date in place yet for resuming in person worship. We are continuing to plan for in person services, see the pictures below to get an idea of our new space configurations. Online worship services will continue in some form once in person worship services resume, so those who wish to continue to worship at home will be able to do so.

New Policy for Faith Based Gatherings

Capacity Limits for UCiM

For more information on any of UCiM’s Covid-19 protocols, please call the church office at 204-256-7002.

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