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Whoever you are, just as you are, God loves you.  No exceptions.

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Whoever you are, just as you are, God loves you. No exceptions.

Landing Pages for UCiM

A notion with motion

A Landing Page is a section of a website not usually visible from the outer pages of a website. People get to that page only by clicking on an image or a “Read More” button, sometimes from an external online location.  If you have ever made a purchase or signed up for a subscription online, you have probably done so via a button on a Landing Page. 

Our Landing Pages would be used to further inform UCiM-ers. They (we) would click on a link in Quick Notes or an online report access to additional background, or to sign-up for a program, or to view a video that needs some context.

Such Landing Pages would not be visible from the front end of our website, as they would be for UCiM-ers only.


VIDEO: What is a Landing Page?

Landing page parts

A Landing Page normally includes these elements

  1. A clear headline.
  2. An image that illustrates the topic and/or who it is for.
  3. A clearly visible link for follow-up action. 
  4. No navigation to other pages of the site.

A Landing Page is like a brochure

A brochure presents focussed content in an easy-to-follow layout, with quality images and concise text, set off by white space. So too, a landing page deals with one topic and uses a combination of images, text and white space in a simple layout.

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