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March 1, 2023
updated March 28, 2023

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Planning for a Warm Future: Replacing the Heating System

The church Board recommends action

Our heating system at UCiM needs attention. After careful review of the report from the Heating and Cooling Task Group, the Board is of the opinion that it is time to recommend action.

Replacing the system is going to cost money but it could also help us lower our carbon footprint and better prepare for global warming. 


READ the final report with 5 options to consider.

For more background, check out the resources below


This report has new, updated costs and further important information: Please read it.  Copies will be available at the Annual Meeting

VIDEO: Options for Replacing Heating + Cooling System

A recording of the presentation Erin Crawford, Chair of the Board and Shaun Loney made during Worship on March 26, 2023, complete with images.

VIDEO: Congregational Q+A about Heating and Cooling Options

Following the presentation from the pulpit on March 26, 2023, Peter Kidd and Shaun Loney responded to questions voiced by members of the congregation.  


Heating and Cooling Report 2023

Report of the Heating + Cooling Task Group

A new Heating and Cooling Task Group was created in 2021. This is their complete report with assessments, options and pricing fully described.

Warming the Future at UCiM link to video

VIDEO: Warming the Future at UCiM

A recording of the presentation Erin Crawford, Chair of the Board, made from the pulpit during Worship on February 26, 2023, complete with images.

Heat Pumps for Dummies link to Video

VIDEO: Heat Pumps for Dummies

Since geothermal heating is one of the options the Board is presenting, this primer on how it works provides an introduction.


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