What to expect

FIRST OF ALL … EXPECT HOSPITALITY. The coffee is always on! And there is always some meal being planned! Drop in and experience for yourself – the welcome is top-notch!

THEN, ALWAYS … EXPECT FAITH. The Christian way has thrived for 2000 years because it brings to our deepest needs the profoundest gifts. However, it can become obscured by changes in language, culture, dogma, etc. At UCiM we aim to uncover the relevant and reverent sense of this ancient, enduring treasure.

One way of summarizing our faith activity is PALS+.

P_rayer           coming into the presence of The Divine;

A_ction           serving our neighbours in relevant ways;

L_earning           exploring the riches of creation, covenant, Christ, & community;

S_haring           connecting at a healing level; and

+_[plus]          opening ourselves to exchange our gifts with others.

EXPECT VITALITY. UCiM has a thriving volunteer culture – there are more crew members than passengers here! For example, on Sunday, hosts help visitors to find a seat; an automated, accessible washroom; a change table for babies; a place in children’s church (from cradle roll 0-3; or any of the 4 children’s church divisions, or teens); or a person with whom to pray. Then … check out the immediate program possibilities in the announcement pamphlet. (Check out the possibilities now at our Upcoming Events).

The Sunday worship congregation varies from about 100 during the summer (when many churches close) and expands to about 700 on special occasions. On average the 250 seats are well filled on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Our music tends more to jazz than classical.

EXPECT DIVERSITY. Our catchment in SE Winnipeg includes three former municipalities (St. Vital, St. Boniface and Norwood) whose history goes back to French-Canadian settlement nearly two centuries ago. In fact, Louis Riel’s house is just a few blocks from us!

Today the community encompasses a wide range of socio-economic levels and a rich cultural and racial mix. Our congregation embodies this mix to a visible extent, and we look to become even more demographically representative in the future. We enjoy adding our various languages and sharing our cultures together!

We are delighted to be the 100th Affirming Congregation of the United Church. We continue to work intentionally at being a safe place for people wherever we are along the sexual spectrum.

EXPECT MODERNITY. Our facility is “not your grandmother’s church.” We are the newest United Church building (2nd newest congregation) in the city. Sunlight streams through our south wall of clear and abstract stained-glass windows. The beautiful blue walls instantly signal serenity. Cushioned chairs (no pews!) provide comfortable and flexible seating. Four projectors and screens and an up-to-date sound system provide image-rich support for worship or meetings in our two, multi-use halls. The modern, well-equipped kitchen exceeds code, and is frequently the hub of activity. Four various-size rooms are available for meetings and activity.

EXPECT LIFE. UCiM is always humming. If it’s not us, it’s our neighbours: a Senior High French Immersion School (College Jean Sauvé), the Louis Riel Public Library, the Dakota Community Club, or Dakota House, a new assisted-living complex. Teenagers, new parents, seniors and staff from these neighbours are often present, in choirs, art clubs, munchkin-care, etc., as we share our resources with them, and they with us. Why not join them, and us?

And the People Said

The ceremony was fantastic and we received a number of compliments on how nice everything was.

M. & B. J. - recently married at UCiM

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